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I can help you learn to play music.

I've taught many people to play all kinds of music on fiddle, guitar, mandolin, five-string banjo, and button accordion. Whether you're just starting out or you want to refine your skills, learn a new style or technique, overcome bad habits and get a fresh start, or develop your understanding of how music works on your instrument, I can help you. I can teach you music you know and love, introduce you to the details of a specific traditional style that's new to you, help you improve your ability to learn by ear, and train you in ways to practice that will allow you improve your skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.      

While you're learning music you're interested in on the instrument you're excited about playing, I'll help you understand the theory and structure of the music, so that you'll also be able to hear how the music fits together. This will give you the skills and understanding you need to start to learn new material on your own, opening the whole world of music to you.

During lessons, I'll help you become aware of how your body and brain work together to develop the mental and physical habits the let you play with freedom and authority. An experienced and knowledgeable teacher can spot the tension and awkwardness that comes with asking your hands to make previously unfamiliar motions and show you how to avoid letting those things become bad habits. ​


I teach in my home studio, at the United Theatre Rhode island community Music School in Westerly, Rhode island, and on line through Zoom.

Call or email and we can set up an introductory lesson. If you've been wanting to play, there's no time like the present!

Instruments, styles, techniques

Fiddle- Styles: Old TIme, Blues, Cajun, Irish, Country, Folk, Rock, Swing        Bowing, Repertoire, Ornamentation, Improvisation

Guitar- Styles: pretty much any Amercan Roots style

FIngerstyle or flatpicking

Banjo- Styles: Old time. folk, blues, contemporary

Clawhammer, two and three-finger picking, various up-picking

Mandolin- Styles: Old time, Blues, bluegrass, folk, contemporary

Button Accordion- Styles: Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, Contemporary

One-row and three-row accordions

I also teach ukulele, tinwhistle, Irish bouzouki, and singing.

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